Our Breads

All of our breads can be sliced thick or thin, and can be made in long, short, or wide forms.

* Denotes breads that are egg and dairy free.


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This is the crispiest bread we make.  They can be ordered in the traditional shape, seeded and epi. (Garlic & Rosemary too!)

Perfect for appetizers, snacks, sandwiches.


Using a poolish starter, this dough is enhanced by a high ratio of butter to provide an outstanding flavor. No water is used to hydrate this bread; only milk and egg!


Traditional Jewish bread full of sugar, egg and butter to flesh out the flavor. Served in both loaf and braided form. Glazed with egg before baking to give it a slick sheen. Not only is our Challah tasty, it’s a looker as well!


Italian for "slipper" because of its long, flat shape. It has a full and rich flavor with a random open crumb.

Perfect for entertaining.

Cinnamon Raisin

Full of dark, sweet raisins to accent the sugar and cinnamon.  Makes an ordinary breakfast super yummy!

Dill Rye

Made with light rye flour, and mixed with dill and caraway seeds. A percentage of water is replaced with pickle juice during the mix process to give our Dill Rye its distinct flavor.


A flat Italian bread that is seasoned with oregano, basil, fresh garlic and parmesan cheese to deliver a mouth-watering flatbread that can be used for many purposes. Very versatile.

Italian Country*

This dough incorporates dark rye flour in order to provide a bold, rich taste that’s fit for a king (or loyal peasants who like sandwiches). Can be enjoyed as a loaf, baguette, burger bun, panini or round.

Jalapeno Cheddar

Chunks of cheddar cheese and jalapenos are mixed into the raw dough to provide a sensational flavor. Great if used as a burger bun, but just as good by itself for a little midnight snack!


A traditional bun/roll/hoagie rich in butter. You can’t go wrong with this stalwart dough!

Big Ed's Marbled Rye

Marble Rye

Similar to Dill Rye (sans the dill seeds and pickle juice), this hearty dough is perfect for Reuben and Patty Melt sandwiches. Eat up!




A hearty grain-based bread full of deliciousness. A portion of wheat flour is used to alter both the color and the taste, making for a wonderful bread that is good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We soak our 9-grains in hot water for several hours before mixing to optimize the full flavor potential.

Nut Bread*

The same as multigrain, but with a twist; poppy seeds and chopped hazelnuts are mixed into our multigrain to boost its heartiness. Our Nut Bread is then glazed with honey and a grain/seed mixture before baking to ensure that it is almost too tasty to handle.


A versatile dough that will make your burger and/or bratwurst explode with flavor, our Potato contains a generous portion of butter and sugar to ensure that whatever you’re eating, it’s going to be better with our Potato bread wrapped around it!


Molasses and caramel coloring give this hearty dough a unique flavor. Topped with semolina give it a little something extra.


The name says it all: This dough contains fresh rosemary that is incorporated during the mix. Another versatile dough that is topped with kosher salt to satisfy your everyday dough needs.


Any bakery worth its salt has a sourdough recipe. We are worth our salt, so we have our own sourdough recipe. We do not use flavor enhancers to enrich the taste that our sourdough starter creates, and that may be enough to separate us from other bakeries. Anything from baguettes and cannonballs to hoagies, pan loaves and hamburger buns, this dough will never stray from its delectable taste.

Big Ed's Spent Grain

Spent Grain*

This dough is mixed with spent grain, and then glazed with honey and barley flakes to comprise a rich and wonderful dough that complements nearly anything.

Big Ed's Stirato


This traditional Italian dough serves as the perfect “table bread”. Served as a baguette, square, or bun, this stretchy dough is topped with kosher salt and will leave your taste buds wondering where you are, how you got there, and why you don’t have more Stirato in your mouth.

Texas Toast

Our Texas Toast is chockfull of butter, eggs and milk to provide a rich dough that is perfect for french toast, hamburger buns, and breakfast rolls. 

Texas Toast Cinnamon Swirl

It is our Texas Toast with an added cinnamon swirl.  Makes delectable French toast!!

White Bread*

A multi-faceted dough that is perfect for hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches and anything else you can think of. This bread is sweet and airy, with a soft chew and crust.

Whole Wheat*

Our Wheat Bread is full of flavor.  Kind of reminds you of the wheat bread grandma use to make.